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Applicable People and Functions of Foot Massager

1. Applicable people of foot massager

(1) The foot massager is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. With the growth of the elderly, many physiological functions have gradually degraded, and blood circulation is not smooth. Frequent foot massage can effectively promote blood circulation and the circulation of meridians and collaterals. In addition, it can prevent and treat hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, foot cold, edema, stomach cold, insomnia and other symptoms.

(2) It is suitable for manual workers, who often walk around and sometimes standing all day. Continuously stimulating and massaging the acupoints on the soles of the feet can relieve fatigue and mental tension. Also, it can improve sleep and health.

(3) White-collar workers in the office. Working people often sit for a long time, which can easily cause poor blood circulation. Some people may often have lower limb numbness. Therefore, it is great to use a foot massager with infrared heat.


2. The foot massager can relieve the following symptoms

The following are the foot massager's functions provided by TAHATH.

(1) Poor sleep, physical weakness, and chills.

(2) Patients with anemia, varicose veins and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

(3) People with kidney deficiency and stomach cold.

(4) People with poor endocrine secretion, poor microcirculation, and less sweating can also use a Chinese foot massage machine for relief.

(5) Workers who often stand or sit for a long time can use a mini foot massager to relax their feet and improve blood circulation.

(6) People with innate cold limbs or living in cold areas.

(7) Patients with joint, bone, and cervical spondylopathy.

(8) The foot massager can also relieve fatigue, mental tension, dry skin and other problems.

The foot massager produced by TAHATH is functional and easy to use. Welcome to consult and buy our foot massager!  

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