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Benefits of Foot Massagers for the Olds

Ⅰ. Is the body care foot massager useful?

Our parents overworked when they were young, and now they have some physical problems when they are old. In order to make them more comfortable, we often like to buy all kinds of massagers for them to use. On our feet, there are many acupuncture points, which reflect the condition of every organ in our body. Therefore, the body care foot massager has many benefits for the feet and even the body of the elderly.

Ⅱ. Reasons for common body reactions after elderly used body care foot massager

1. Local heat

Local heating in the massage area and the reflection area of the massage point is one of the most common phenomena after using a foot massager to massage. This is due to the massage friction and the massage reflection area being stimulated by the massage.

2. Sweating

Increased sweating is conducive to the excretion of toxins and metabolites in the body, and increased foot sweating indicates that the blood circulation of the foot is greatly improved. Sweating can increase the sensitivity of the feet to stimulation and improve the therapeutic effect.

3. Increased bowel movements

The electric foot massager helps to strengthen bowel movements, which will lead to increased defecation and exhaust frequency. This is a phenomenon of rapid excretion of toxins from the body, which is of great benefit to beauty and fitness.

4. Obvious foot tenderness

Many friends who use a foot massager for the first time will experience obvious tenderness in the reflex area of the foot. This is a normal phenomenon. In this situation, you can first reduce the massage intensity and time, and then gradually increase the intensity and duration after the body gradually adapts to the massage.

The above phenomena are common phenomena when the elderly use the foot massager. These are all the foot massagers are working and are not harmful to the body. Apart from the body care foot massager, we also provide other massagers, such as facial cleansing massager, infrared blood circulation massager, etc.

Ⅲ. How do the elderly use body care foot massager scientifically

1. Step by step

When using the massager for the first time, it is best to try it for ten minutes. If there is no discomfort in the body, extend the massage time appropriately, and each time it is appropriate to take 20 minutes.

2. Choose massager according to different people

Middle-aged and elderly people can use a motorized massager with a faster vibration frequency and weaker vibration intensity.

TAHATH, as a professional body care foot massager manufacturer, is committed to bringing better quality and safe massage equipment and personal care products to the public. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult.

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