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Can Massage Really Take the Place of Exercise to Eliminate Fatigue?

1. It's not true that the stronger the massage pressure, the better the effects

It should be noted that patients or consumers do not massage blindly, and massager with strong hand strength don't necessarily give good massage effects. Instead, they must distinguish whether the massager's strength during massage is "even, powerful, gentle, deep". Generally speaking, it is normal that soreness occurs when massaging, but if the pain aggravates, the massage should be stopped immediately.

2. Massage can't replace exercise

Massage can alleviate lumbar, neck and shoulder fatigue. However, basically the reason that workers have the symptoms such as lumbar ache, feeling weak all over the body is due to a lack of exercise. Therefore, to ensure good health conditions, we need to participate in all sorts of physical labor activities or sports. In addition, not everyone is suitable for massage, and non-standard massage treatments performed by the massager can have serious consequences. For example, it would be better not to have a cervical vertebra massage, which is otherwise easy to cause paralysis. Therefore, it is better to do some exercise to relieve body fatigue, such as playing badminton, jogging, and doing radio gymnastics.

3. Matters needing attention in massage

The doctor reminds everyone to pay attention to the following points when having a massage: To wear comfortable and loose clothes, and take off jewelry; To have a massage 2 hours after the meal, and do not have a massage when you are excessively hungry or overeating; Women in menstrual period, pregnancy or postpartum within 1 month, should do not have a massage, especially the waist and abdomen massage treatments that are absolutely prohibited; Patients suffering from diseases of internal organs, malignant tumors, infectious and suppurative diseases, such as burns, scalds, skin diseases, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, and tuberculous arthritis should not be treated with massage; If the symptoms such as palpitation, nausea and bruises appear, the massage should be stopped immediately.

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