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TAHATH Culture

TAHATH's Mission and Vision :

  • Customer First: Listen to customer needs, respect customer ideas, greet customers with a warm attitude, solve customer problems, and win customer recognition and trust.

  • Innovation: embrace change, keep innovating

  • Honesty: Be honest and do things with honesty

  • Cooperation: Cooperation with colleagues, cooperation with customers, mutual benefit, and win-win

  • Responsibility: Take the initiative and dare to take responsibility

  • Health: Pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and give humanized care.

  • Pay attention to the health of customers,  our china neck massager machine can bring a guarantee to customers

TAHATH's Logo And Its Meaning


  • T means: Twenty+

  • A means: Action

  • H &A is the acronym of the person’s name, H represents Mr. Han and A represents his wife Amy.

  • T stands for: Be thankful

  • H stands for Honest and High( Prosperous business)

  • Mr. Han, which is a 20+ man, a young chairman and founder with grateful, starts Hexi Company with sincerity, and look forward to high achievement, Prosperous business.

In general, TAHATH means Hope, Love, and Harvest.

Factory Show

Tahath Mounter Tahath Mounter
  • Tahath SMT Device Tahath SMT Device
  • Tahath Mounter Tahath Mounter
  • Tahath Chip Burner Tahath Chip Burner
  • Tahath Small Smart Screw Machine Tahath Small Smart Screw Machine
  • Intelligent Tightening Screw Machine Intelligent Tightening Screw Machine
  • Injection molding machine Injection molding machine
  • Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer
  • Test Machine Test Machine

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