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Does the Massage Shawl Work? Which Brand of Massage Shawl is High-quality?

1. How to choose a massage shawl?

Due to work and age reasons, more and more people are prone to backache, and this pain is mainly caused by blood obstruction. Massage shawl is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine massage. It speeds up the circulation of blood and relieves tight muscles by beating and massaging the affected area, so as to relieve pain and eliminate fatigue. Many families plan to buy one, but there are many brands with different quality on the current massage shawl market. Which brand of massage shawl is good has troubled many consumers. Here is how to choose a massage shawl.

1. Look at the quality of the massage head: 

The quality of the massage head largely determines the effect of the massage. Good quality massage heads are generally made of high-quality insulating rubber materials, which are environmentally friendly and have no odor. The massage feel and effect are closer to manual massage. The material is not easy to damage, and the size of the massage head will be designed to be larger, which can make the force area of the beating more evenly distributed; and inferior massage shawls often use iron massage heads, and the massage feels stiff and uncomfortable, and is easy to rust with poor durability.

2. Look at the fabric of the massage shawl: 

High-quality massage shawl generally uses high-quality soft leather as the fabric. Its advantages are that it feels similar to human skin, the surface is smoother and more comfortable, the touch is more natural, and the appearance looks more high-end and has good durability; In order to reduce costs, cheap massage shawls often use inferior PU leather or even secondary recycled fabrics, which are rough and irritate the skin, even with a lot of peculiar smell.

3. Look at the noise during the massage: 

The high-quality massage shawl has very little noise during operation, and the sound is uniform, and it does not sound disgusting. The reason is that the internal parts are well matched; the inferior massage shawl is due to its cooperation. The gap is large and the parts are loose, so the noise is often loud and the length is different, which easily affects the mood of use.

4. Look at the heat dissipation design of the massage shawl: 

The massage shawl is a healthy device, which generates a lot of heat during work. If the heat dissipation capacity is not good, it will easily affect the service life and safety of the product. It can speed up the heat dissipation of the product and ensure the safety and durability of the product. In addition, the power cord will also adopt a professional outlet hole design to maintain good ventilation performance, while the ordinary massage shawl does not have any special heat dissipation design, leaving a safety hazard.

2. TAHATH massage shawl

TAHATH massage shawl is equipped with a car charger, which is very suitable for people with shoulder and neck strain, soreness and pain. Welcome everyone to come to consult and buy!

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