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Have You Got the Essentials of Eye Massager?

Ⅰ. What is an eye massager?

As a special device for eye protection and eye beauty combining modern ophthalmology theory and the principles of TCM aesthetics, the eye face massager can relieve asthenopia, prevent myopia and amblyopia, can also dredge the meridians, reconcile vital energy and blood (also called qi and blood), and improve the blood microcirculation of the eye, to promote metabolism, relieve eye fatigue, and restore ciliary muscle elasticity.

Ⅱ. Three principles for purchasing high-quality eye massagers

1. Variety of massage methods and modes: There are generally two massage methods of electric eye face massagers on the market, airbag massage and micro-frequency vibration massage. Airbag massage is a bit similar to doing eye exercises manually. You can check the number and shape of airbags when buying. With more airbags and being more three-dimensional, the more accurately it can cover 8 important acupoints around the eyes. The electric smart living eye massager produced by TAHATH is equipped with four different massage methods: kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massaging. With more massage options, TAHATH can provide you with more eye massage modes to better meet your massage needs.

2. Stable hot compress function: continuous constant temperature hot compress can relieve fatigue best. The best temperature is around 42℃. To maintain a continuous hot compress temperature of 40℃-42℃, the eye face massager produced by TAHATH can provide you with the most comfortable massage temperature.

3. Extension function: listen to music while doing massage, you will feel that the massage time has passed quickly, and the overall massage experience will be greatly improved. The electric eye face massager produced by TAHATH has its own music function, the sound source is emitted from the front, and the sound quality is more intense. As a professional manufacturer of home massagers, TAHATH is committed to bringing you a better massage experience.

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