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Hexi Mission And Culture

Editor: Jane Hong, Mike Li  

Held a meeting, formulated the company's process system, especially put forward the company's mission and corporate culture.

TAHATH Mission and vision :

To be a caring masseur by your side, drive away fatigue, and live a healthy life every day!

TAHATH Company Culture :

  •  Customer First: Listen to customer needs, respect customer ideas, greet customers with a warm attitude, solve customer problems, and win customer recognition and trust.

  •  Innovation: embrace change, Keep innovate

  • Honesty: Be honest and do things with honesty

  • Cooperation: Cooperation with colleagues, cooperation with customers, mutual benefit, and win-win

  • Responsibility: Take the initiative and dare to take responsibility

  • Health: Pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and give humanized care. Pay attention to the health of customers, ergonomic massager products bring a guarantee to customers.

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