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How to Choose a Foot Massager?

Fast pace of work and life often makes our body tired, and when there is an opportunity to enjoy a massage can let the whole body to relax and relieve fatigue. Foot massagers have made it possible for us to enjoy the "service" of massage at home.

As traditional Chinese medicine says, human foot has numerous acupoints, fully foot massage can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, thereby improving sleep, which makes the brain get sufficient oxygen and makes you coruscate, clear mind and so on. Choosing a good foot massager is very important for users. Electric heated foot massager has additional functions including instep, full package airbag massage and hot compress.

Ⅰ. Functions of foot massagers

1. Infrared physiotherapy

2. 4D package massage: multiple air bags, 360-degree fit for the whole foot massage

3. Foot hot compress

4. Dual-use for feet and legs, airbag + rotating disk wrapping the leg

Ⅱ. How to choose and buy foot massagers?

Safety material ★★★★★

Because the electric heated foot massager is the electrical appliance that contacts with human body directly, its safety is particularly important. Thus, we should choose those products approved by the national testing institutions inspection. In addition, most of the foot massage device has plastic shell, as far as possible to choose the new ABS or PP material.

Massage technique ★★★★★

Most foot massagers on the market use mechanical arm to simulate various massage methods of human hands. Common foot massage techniques include pinching, rolling, scraping, pushing, kneading and pushing. When you buy the electric heated foot massager, you can check with the shop assistant or check out the massage methods supported in the massager catalog.

Fineness and strength of massage ★★★★

In addition to having enough massage techniques to choose, the fineness of massage can not be ignored. Because the sole of the foot has a lot of acupoints, only accurate massage can play a good effect. In addition, as the force condition of old people and youth is different, we should choose foot massager that can adjust strength.

Other aspects ★★★

In addition to the core and upgraded functions, clear operation, easy use can bring users a sense of intimacy. Because older people may use foot massagers more often, the simplicity of the product's operation is a friendly bonus. In addition, many products have added remote control operation and intelligent APP operation, which is much more convenient in use.

Welcome to consult and buy our foot massager!

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