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How to Use Body Massage Pillow Correctly?

In daily life, many patients with cervical and lumbar spine diseases do not receive timely treatment in the early stage, and finally the disease aggravates and develops to the late stage. The harm of late cervical and lumbar spine diseases is very serious, which will lead to many complications, and also endanger other systems of the body. If you feel hand numbness, dizziness, headache, have you ever thought that there is a problem with the cervical and lumbar spine? Winter is a high incidence of cervical and lumbar diseases. After having cervical and vertebrae lumbar disease, what should be done? Body massage pillow offers the good solution.

First of all, why do we get cervical and lumbar spine disease?

1. Physiological structure

The cervical and lumbar vertebrae are particularly prone to problems, but the thoracic vertebrae are much better. This is because our thoracic vertebrae are protected by rib tug around them, creating an interaction of forces to ensure that our thoracic vertebrae remain neutral. However, the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are different. Instead of being held in place by the ribs, they rely on multiple ligaments and small muscle groups. If something goes wrong with these tissues, it can lead to problems in our cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

2. Working posture

When muscles are tense for a long time, we will feel muscle soreness. Normally, if our arms and legs are sore and then we move, the phenomenon will disappear quickly. However, it is different when using a computer, since we are in a weak state of tension for a long time, it is like boiling a frog with warm water. When we find the difference, it is too late. As a result, the ligaments around the cervical and lumbar vertebrae will slowly form calcification due to insufficient vital energy and blood supply, and the pulling force on both sides will begin to be uneven. Over time, the intervertebral disc will herniate, squeezing the surrounding tissues and nerves, and cervical and lumbar vertebrae disease will form.

3. The working environment

If coupled with the cold and wet working environment, the condition is more serious, for example, working in the basement, under the condition of air conditioning, it will cause the cold and wet into the body, especially for those weak muscles and ligaments, a potential impact will be formed, aggravating the disease of the lesion.

4. Too much carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks can lead to internal decalcification. Over time, our bones will become very loose, at that time, it is not just a bone ringing problem, but also very easy to lead to fracture.

How to use body massage pillow correctly?

1. Pay attention to step by step, especially pay special attention to the first use. The massage therapy pillows are best to try for 10 minutes, after trying, if your body is suitable, then you can appropriately extend the massage time, almost 20 minutes a time is more appropriate, must not exceed 30 minutes.

2. When you are fasting, full of food, drunk or after strenuous exercise, the body massage pillow is not suggested to use. If you massage at this time, it is likely to make your blood flow rate further accelerate, so that your stomach peristalsis enhances, causing nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort. After exercising vigorously for an hour, and it will allow your muscles to relax and use.

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