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Is the Neck and Shoulder Massager Really Useful for Relieving Fatigue and Relaxing Muscles? Or a Blind Consumption Cost?

It can be said very clearly: The neck and shoulder massager is really useful for relieving fatigue and relaxing muscles, but it has no therapeutic effect. This must be clear, especially for severe cervical spondylosis.

There are currently two types of neck and shoulder massagers: the neck-hanging type and the shawl-type.

Neck-hanging neck and shoulder massager: It is portable and similar in style to earphones. It uses low-frequency pulse currents to stimulate muscles to relieve pain and promote blood circulation. Focusing on the neck, and some will distribute massage stickers, which can be used to massage other parts.

Shawl-style neck and shoulder massager: It is suitable for use at home. It is different from the working principle of the neck-hanging type. This is the method of simulating real person beating and kneading through the machine. It can massage multiple parts of the whole body, and it is also suitable for elders at home.

The above two types of neck and shoulder massager depend on personal needs, and you can choose the one that suits you.

As for whether the shoulder and neck massager is a blind consumption cost, this still depends on the brand. Nowadays, the brands of any product are diverse, in other words, they are uneven, but no matter what, you must choose a big brand, at least big brands are more secure in terms of quality and after-sales service without the worry of stupid tax.

TAHATH 2020 new smart shoulder and neck massager has been fully upgraded to achieve wireless remote control, free control mode strength, pulse massage, constant temperature heating, fast charging, intelligent voice broadcast and other functions. It is a very good shoulder and neck massager to help create your exclusive comfort zone, everyone is welcome to buy and consult!

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