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Brushless Massager Low Sound Vibration Muscle Massage Gun

Muscle Massage Gun, Mini Handheld Massager Deep Tissue Muscle Relief Massager, 4 Speeds Portable Professional Electric Percussion Massage Guns For Sale with 4 Heads for Athletes. 

With a palm-sized lightweight body, this brushless massage gun can be easily operated with one hand with a light massage gun. It can be put in the pocket when it is used up, and it can be carried with you without a storage bag. USB brushless motor deep massage, full of momentum, directly to 6MM deep muscle group, relieve muscle fatigue. 

This deep tissue muscle massage device uses a specially customized motor. The running noise of this brushless massage gun is 45dB. You can enjoy quiet and relaxing with the brushless massage gun. With the built-in pressing feedback system, you can adjust the click output power of this brushless massage gun according to the actual pressing force, which is more humane and intelligent. 

Using a long-term energy storage lithium battery, this brushless massage gun can work for 8 hours and it can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours. It possesses 6 sets of 2000mAh high-capacity lithium batteries with the muscle massage therapy device. One-button start, 4-speed change, convenient and fast. The speed of the brushless massgae gun can be adjusted. There will be no delay that will weaken the effect. 

As a professional massage gun manufacturer, TAHATH produces high-quality brushless massage guns with low noise at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact us at any time. 

Features of Brushless Massager Low Sound Vibration Muscle Massage Gun

  • Healthy & Powerful
    Healthy & Powerful

    This brushless massage gun holds the benefits of helping the user to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood pressure, and improve the overall health of the body's soft tissues.

  • 4 Massage Adapters & 4 Variable Speeds
    4 Massage Adapters & 4 Variable Speeds

    This speed-setting body brushless deep muscle massager comes with 4 different heads to aid in sore muscle relief, providing targeted treatment for every muscle group. Different massage heads and speed levels provide a relaxing massage experience and reduce bone damage.

  • Lower Noise Technology
    Lower Noise Technology

    The professional deep tissue massage gun has quite glide noise reduction technology that brings high power but low noise experience. You can use it at home, gym or office. The sound of this brushless massage gun series is less than 45db, which allows you to enjoy a quiet massage environment with a very low massage gun sound.

  • 6mm Deep Massage
    6mm Deep Massage

    The deep massage conducted by this acupressure gun can directly massage deep muscles and relieve soreness so as to accurately eliminate lactic acid and fatigue, restore vitality and release energy.

  • Lightweight & Portable
    Lightweight & Portable

    The palm size of this brushless massage gun is only 0.5kg, and the compact body is easy to carry. It can be put in the pocket of clothes and enjoy the massage with the handheld deep tissue massager for muscles at any time and anywhere.

Specifications of Brushless Massager Low Sound Vibration Muscle Massage Gun

PictureProduct NameModelProduct Parameter

Brushless Massage Gun

Fascia GunEY-A052Product Material:ABS+Silica Gel

Lithium Battery Capacity:2000 mAh

Rated Voltage 7.4V

Rated Power:24W
Box Size:6*6.5*19.5
Net Weight:401g
Ctn Weight:20kg
Carton Size 40*32.5*51cm

Massage Gun Brushless Motor Video

Brushless Massager Low Sound Vibration Muscle Massage Gun

Massage Gun Brushless Motor VS Brushed Motor

Brushless  Motor of Brushless Massage Gun

  • High power

  • Low loss

  • Less heat dissipation

  • Mute

Brushed motor

  • Low power

  • High loss

  • High heat dissipation

  • Noise

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