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Original Intention Of Starting Hexi Company

Editor: David Wang, Anna Zhang

On May 22, 2020, Hexi company was officially established and upgraded from the original Sujia factory to the company. Bob Han was the chairman of the board. Mr. Han Honghua and Mr. Li Guo Xia are the two major shareholders. Bob Han shared his original intention of starting a business at the meeting.

In 2016, the founder Bob Han aimed at the personal care and health industry, believing that this will definitely be the trend of future development.

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increasing pressure of life, office workers frequently work overtime, stiff shoulders and neck pain, which are gradually eroding human health, sitting in the office for a long time, shoulder and neck stiffness; improper sleeping posture, compression of cervical nerves; Cervical spine strain, shoulder and neck pain. 

Therefore, the intelligent cervical spine massage instrument came into being. Rescue your cervical spine, electric pulse technology, deep stimulation of cervical spine pain points meridian, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic transmission to nerve cells, improve blood circulation, and achieve the effect of relieving neck fatigue.

Multifunctional muscle massager, to solve multiple problems such as muscle stiffness, cervical strain, back pain, body obesity, etc., to wake up muscle vitality, you need to do a deep massage on the body, promote blood circulation, and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

Staring at electronic devices for a long time can cause a series of problems such as dry eyes, fatigue, soreness, dark circles, and so on. Your personal intelligent eye massager is necessary. Eye acupuncture point massage, comfortable constant temperature hot compress, so eye massager is a good choice.

Neck massager, Muscle massager, and Eye massager series are the initial selection of 3 massage products.

Mr. Han said that new massage products are being developed and will cover more than 10 massage products in the future.

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