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Precautions for Using Eye Massager

1. Eye massager is good for eye health

With the development of advanced technological products, people spend more time in front of digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablet personal computers every day, which can easily cause damage to the eyes. If the eyes are tired for a long time, it is not only easy to cause the diminution of vision but also cause eye diseases.

Prevention of eye diseases is an inevitable development trend. The intelligent eye massager can solve this problem. Also, it has a Bluetooth function, so that you can enjoy eye massage while enjoying soft and relaxing music.


2. Precautions for using the eye massager

The following are some precautions for using the eye massager provided by TAHATH.

(1) It is necessary to keep good habits during use and after recovery, especially correct reading and writing posture. A long time of reading, writing, watching TV, playing computer games should be avoided. In addition, doing eye exercises several times a day can get better results.

(2) You are supposed to remove the battery if the eye massager is not used for a long time.

(3) During use, please try not to watch TV and play games. It is necessary to have a rest and pay attention to eye care.

(4) It cannot be used for patients with glaucoma and cataracts.

(5) Please do not lend the eye massager to others to avoid cross-infection of eye diseases.

(6) Please avoid high temperature and humid places for storage, and keep it away from children.

(7) Please turn off the power after using it.

As a professional eye massager manufacturer in China, TAHATH is a massage machine and personal care product company with 5 years of excellent manufacturing and design experience. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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