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Precautions on Using a Fascia Gun

Ⅰ. Fascia gun

The magic of fascia gun is that they can relax you quickly anywhere without preparing a soft pad. In addition, the fascia is not available for all over the body, and it is still necessary to avoid the underlying body parts.

Ⅱ.  Taboo parts to use the massage gun

1. Cervical spine and spine

The use of massage gun should follow massage gun instructions. The most taboo parts for using the fascia massage gun are the cervical spine and spine. The gun shouldn't be used in the central nerve massage, especially the higher neck. When the shoulder and neck are sore, if the position of the massage is wrong, it may actually cause stroke or otolith fall off. There are many nerves nearby, and the wrong use of the fascia gun may cause inflammation.

2. Parts with dense nerves and vessels

If the massage guns for sale are used in parts with dense blood vessels and nerves, such as the chest, inner thigh, the interior blood vessels and nerves may be damaged and ruptured. 

3. Joints and ligaments

Like cervical spine which cannot be massaged by the massage gun, joints, such as knees elbows, and finger joints are covered by a thin wrap and the cortex is also thin. Muscle guns like brushless massage gun can possibly damage nerves.

Correctly using the fascia massage gun can better play its role and relieve the feeling of fatigue and soreness.

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