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Stop Squeezing Blackheads! This Blackhead Eliminator Device Can Suck out Blackheads of a Whole Year in 3 Minutes?! 

Looking at the major skin problems that lower the value of the face, the "strawberry nose" that can't be concealed by tenth grade dermabrasion can definitely squeeze into the top three. And no matter it is dry skin or oily skin, almost no one can escape the "devil's claws" of blackheads! Blackheads on the nose are not only ugly, but also affect the makeup. The astringent feel makes people very uncomfortable. Seeing blackheads on their noses, people can't help but pick them up. It's okay if you don't pick them up, but if you do, skin problems such as large pores will follow.

In order to maintain stability, our skin secretes skin oil all the time, and the difference among different skin types are the amount of skin oil they secrete. Once oxidized, the secreted oil will turn into blackheads. You can't control its growth at all. It is impossible to get rid of blackheads once and for all. The traditional method of removing blackheads can also cause great damage to our skin, for example, traditional anti-acne needles often used by beauty salons. The quality of the acne needles on the market varies from good to bad. If you accidentally buy low-quality metal and use it on your face, it will cause great damage to your skin. If you don't pay much attention, it will leave permanent scars. So, how can we get rid of the annoying blackheads and minimize the damage? TAHATH here recommends you a super-easy-to-use artifact that can "suck blackheads under negative pressure" at home, that is, the professional blackhead eliminator device produced by TAHATH.

1. Easily remove your blackheads based on physical principles

Utilizing the principle of vacuum negative pressure suction, TAHATH's electric blackhead cleaning instrument has very strong suction power. After turning on the switch, it can reach the dermis from the stratum corneum, and then uproot the blackheads, acne, and excess oil in the pores. During the whole operation, there is no chemical reaction or contact, and it is purely physical, so it will not tear the surrounding skin. It is simple and efficient without harming the skin barrier. Even pregnant women can use it without extra worries! After a period of frequent use, the pores on the original strawberry nose will become much finer and smoother! The before and after contrast is so exaggerated that your nose will look like it has been "baptized".

2. Multiple options, suitable for any skin type

Many people may ask: different people have different skin types, and the pore size and the number of blackheads are different. What if the suction power of the TAHATH blackhead eliminator device is not enough? You don't need to worry about this at all. Its suction power is so strong that it can suck the skin tightly without being held the handle. It is also equipped with 3 replaceable suction heads and 2 blackhead removal suction kits with different powers, which can easily meet the needs of different skin types. Generally speaking, users can choose their favorite power and beauty head according to the stubbornness of their blackheads, the amount of oil and the need of skin care, and the whole set of care in the beauty salon can be easily done at home with one click.

As one of the most professional suppliers of beauty and personal care products, TAHATH will provide customers with the most effective and powerful electric blackhead eliminator device.

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