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TAHATH Shoulder and Neck Massager Allows You to Say Goodbye to Shoulder and Neck Pain

1. Why do office workers need a shoulder and neck massager?

Shoulder and neck pain has now become the "public enemy No.1" of modern people. Office workers are more likely to suffer cervical spondylosis, and this is not exaggerated at all. According to statistics, more than 90% of white-collar workers have mild or serious cervical spondylosis and many people do not take it seriously. Every injury to the cervical spine increases the risk of developing paralysis.


Two signs of cervical spondylosis:

(1) Stiff and sore neck


Do you have stiff and sore neck, back and shoulders? In this case, the movement of nodding, raising head and turning head is limited, and the posture of torticollis is presented. When you need to turn your neck, your body must turn at the same time. Dizziness may also occur.

(2) Muscle soreness at the shoulder blade


As a result of the stiffness of neck muscles, you feel the pain in or near the spinous process, the medial edge of shoulder blade and the muscles innervated by the nerves.


2. Advantages of TAHATH shoulder and neck massager

The neck and shoulder massager machine produced by Wenzhou Hexi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a wireless portable 3D massager suitable for office, family and travel use. The shoulder and neck massager uses the electric pulse technology to deeply stimulate the neck muscles, so as to achieve the purpose of relaxing. 


Advantages are as follows:

(1) Ergonomic 3D design that is suitable for treating neck pain

(2) Beautiful diamond-shaped embellishments

(3) Flexible silica gel support, 3 comfortable massage heads

(4) 15-minute intelligent timing

(5) 4 modes (kneading, acupuncture, hammering, automatic modes) and 15 kinds of intensity levels for adjustment

(6) Hot compress at a constant temperature of 42 degrees

(7) LCD digital display, wireless remote control

(8) Portable design and quick charge

(9) Attached electrodes used to massage all parts of the body


If you want to get rid of shoulder and neck pain, welcome to contact us at any time and we will provide you with the best quality service!

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