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TAHATH Wireless Neck Massager Relieves Phubbers in 15 Minutes!

With the development of society, more and more young people have become "phubbers". For white-collar workers who work overtime for a long time, they are prone to muscular stiffness, especially their cervical spine, which is often sore after a day of work. To change this situation, TAHATH has launched this high-performance wireless neck massager, which can easily relieve phubbers in 15 minutes.

1. Features of TAHATH wireless neck massager

(1) TAHATH wireless neck massager is small, so it can be stuffed in a small bag and there is no pressure to carry around, which meets your massage needs anytime and anywhere.

(2) Massage and hot compress are combined: electric pulse massage relieves cervical spine pain from the root; hot compress with constant temperature improves blood circulation, and helps expel cold and dampness. Cold is often a major cause of neck problems, and the hot compress function of this TAHATH wireless neck massager can effectively help users relieve neck discomfort caused by cold. It can promote blood circulation and relieve muscle fatigue, while also playing a role in expelling cold and dampness. After turning on the hot compress, it will heat up in 1 second. When you use it, it is wrapped around your neck like a hot towel, which will never get cold. The desirable comfort relaxes the rigid and cold muscles.

(3) It will work in 15 minutes: imitating traditional Chinese massage techniques + 15 levels of massage intensity, which can quickly act on neck problems of different degrees.

(4) Diverse modes will meet the needs of different scenarios: the smart neck massager produced by TAHATH is equipped with four different massage modes. When you wear it, as if there were a masseur with 30 years of experience giving you massage techniques, which are skillful and comfortable.

2. How to use the TAHATH wireless neck massager?

For the first use or in the context of severe neck muscle strain, it is recommended to apply a hot compress for 3-5 minutes. Then start adjusting from a small intensity and gradually increase the intensity for better results.

As a professional body massager manufacturer, TAHATH has been committed to creating the most comfortable and high-end home massage equipment for you. Welcome new and old customers to contact us for purchase.

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