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The Characteristics and Basic Functions of the Eye Massager

Ⅰ. The characteristics of eye massager

The main feature of the eye massager is that it has an output effect on the entire eye and surrounding skin. And it is very convenient to carry, suitable for various indoor use at home, office, or hotel.


Ⅱ. The basic function of eye massager

1. Hot compress to activate blood circulation

Excessive use of the eyes can lead to fatigue and poor blood circulation around the eyes. This puts the muscles around the eyes in a tight state and can also cause your skin to become dull.

The hot compress function of the thermal eye massager gradually heats up to dissipate heat, heat the eyes and surrounding skin, and achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation around the eyes and relaxing the skin.

2. Cold compress to reduce swelling

Besides the thermal function, usually, the multi-function eye massager also has the function of cooling. The cold compress function of the eye massager promotes the return of tissue fluid and shrinks capillaries by cooling down. This will further reduce or eliminate serious marks, and it will also help to eliminate dark circles.

3. Massage refreshing

Poor sleep quality and excessive use of the brain are the main reasons that cause neurasthenia and make it difficult to fall asleep. After a busy day of work, the massage function of the eye massager uses high-frequency vibration to promote blood circulation in the face, effectively relax the brain nerves and lower the blood pressure in the brain, so as to achieve the effect of refreshing and refreshing.

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