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The Comparison Between Shiatsu Massage Shawl and Handheld Massager

The neck and shoulder massager can be used on any part of the neck, shoulders, waist, and legs that you want to massage. It beats away your sore muscles and brings you unprecedented comfort and health.

Uses of Shiatsu Kneading Massage Shawl

In daily life, more and more people feel hard because of shoulder and neck fatigue. The pain will gradually increase with the accumulation of time. After reaching a certain level, it may cause serious shoulder and neck diseases. The shiatsu massage shawl produced by TAHATH is suitable for people with different needs:

  • Sedentary gamers, office workers, and computer people;

  • Teachers or students who work or study at the desk for a long time;

  • Drivers who need to drive for a long time, such as drivers;

  • Handicrafts, sculptures, writing, and other specific occupations who need to work with their heads down for a long time;

  • Middle-aged and elderly people with poor blood circulation;

  • People with slight insomnia.

Uses of Shiatsu Kneading Massage Shawl

The Comparison Between Shiatsu Massage Shawl and Handheld Massager

The massage shawl is different from the ordinary hand-held mini electric massager. It can massage multiple parts of the body without holding it at any time during the massage. You can wrap the massage shawl around the part you want to massage, and then tighten it, you can enjoy it. A refreshing massage with unlimited activities.

The Comparison Between Massage Shawl and Handheld Massager

How to Choose Your Shiatsu Massage Shawl?

There are in total three points to consider when choosing a massager:

First, look at the appearance, and the shape should be beautiful and generous.

The second is to listen to the level of noise. After starting the massager, listen to it. Generally speaking, the quality of low noise is not good, because products with low noise are generally not good for heat dissipation.

The third is to feel the massage effect. For shawl massager with strong and weak switches, you can turn on the strong and weak switches to see if they are flexible. Turn on the "strong" switch and place it on the massage site to make people feel a strong vibration; Turn on the "weak" switch to make people feel a slight gentle vibration. Observed from the appearance of the massager, if the outer shell of a massager with good product quality is made of plastic, it should be bright, clean, and free of blistering.

In addition, check that the key switch should be flexible and reliable, and the accessories should be complete. After the appearance inspection is completed, the electrical performance of the massager can be inspected according to the requirements of the manual. After connecting the power supply, try to turn on the massager. The noise should below. If it is a massager with variable vibration strength and variable speed, the button adjustment should be flexible and reliable, and the changes should be smooth. If there are other functions in the manual, they should be tested one by one. If time permits, a longer power-on test can be done until it automatically shuts down (if there is an automatic shutdown setting). Touch the shell of the massager lightly with your hand to avoid overheating.

How to Choose your Massage Shawl

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