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What are the Differences Between Massage Pillow and Smooth Pillow?

As a very popular pillow in the market, latex pillows have also designed products suitable for different types of customers according to the different needs of customers. The two main types are massage pillows and smooth pillows.

So what are the differences between massage pillow and smooth pillow?

1. Shape

Smooth pillows, as the name suggests, have relatively smooth surfaces, with pores on both sides, generally are high and low pillows; while massage pillows have uneven surfaces with many obvious protrusions, and only one side has pores.

2. Softness

The smooth pillow has a high softness, and it is comfortable and relaxing. It has a good effect on sleep. The massage pillow contains particles and is relatively hard. 

3. Benefits to the human body

The smooth latex pillow is comfortable, soft and elastic to use. It can relieve the pressure of the human body, promote sleep, improve the quality of sleep, and keep it full of energy. At the same time, the smooth pillow can be moved according to individual conditions when in use, adapt to the needs of the neck, and protect the cervical spine. Relax massage pillow can effectively promote blood circulation. The massage latex pillow contains particles. During use, it can massage the acupuncture points of the neck and head to promote blood circulation in the head and neck. Second, it can relieve the burden on the cervical spine. Massage latex pillows are harder. When used, they can relieve the cervical spine, relieve the burden of the cervical spine, and play a certain role in curing cervical spine diseases.

2. Precautions of using massage pillow

Massage pillows are relatively hard, so customers who are not used to sleeping on hard pillows need to be cautious when buying them. As a pillow made of new materials, latex pillows have unique advantages. The unique properties of latex not only make latex pillows have strong resilience, but also have great advantages over other types of pillows in terms of anti-mite, antibacterial, and strong air permeability. It has gradually become the first choice in people's minds. It is worth mentioning that latex pillows have also made different designs for different groups of people, so before buying latex pillows, you must first determine your needs, and then determine the type to purchase. The suitable one is best for you.

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