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What Are The Uses Of Fascia Guns Besides Relaxation?

The Magical Effect of the Fascia Gun

The magical effect of the fascia gun is that it can relax quickly, and you can relieve pressure anytime, anywhere without preparing a yoga mat. The fascia gun also makes the fascia covering the muscles more flexible, so the stiffness of the muscles can be relieved.

When massaging a muscle, the muscle doesn't actually relax immediately, but vibrating and striking with an electric fascia massager causes sensory nerves in the tendon to detect increased tension and send signals to the brain, which processes the signals and instructs the muscle to relax.

Mini Vibration Massage Device

What are the uses of fascia guns besides relaxation?

1. Activate the sleeping muscles: After a day of laziness, for example, use 30 seconds to relax the muscles of the buttocks. Using an acupressure massage gun to relax the fascia before exercise can also increase the range of motion.

2. Relieve tightness: Put the device in the painful place for 30-60 seconds. The electric fascia massager can provide up to dozens of blows per second on average, and will provide fast and deep relief. It is very suitable for people who are training for the game because it can relieve tension and avoid the injury caused by over-training.

3. Stimulate energy: Using a mini electric massage gun before taking a bath can relieve your fatigue from head to toe. This will help improve blood circulation and release tight spots.

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