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Why You need a USB Massage Pillow?

The massage pillow is a health care product developed based on the principles of traditional meridian massage and modern medical-massage. It has two methods of massage and percussion, which can reduce the tension and pressure of the human body, make the whole body very comfortable, and promote the blood circulation of the whole body, speed up the metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of disease prevention, health care, and body strengthening. So who is suitable to use massage pillows?

How do USB Massage Pillow Work?

Generally speaking, people who often feel uncomfortable in the cervical spine, insomnia, and dreams can use it to relieve symptoms. Our USB massage pillow has 8 deep tissue massage modes to break up stubborn knots and ease away soreness from the everyday hustle. Employing heat treatment, it is good for boosting blood flow which reduces pain and inflammation for mind and body healing. In addition, our 3D Shiatsu massagers can also move in 2 directions and auto-reverse their movements each minute to completely eliminate those pesky knots and give the most dynamic massage.

How do USB Massage Pillow Work?

Benefits of USB Massage Pillow at TAHATH

  • 360 degree-rotating kneading

  • 8 emulating massage nodes

  • Heating function

  • Two buttons to initiate

  • 15-minutes auto-off function

Benefits of USB Massage Pillow at TAHATH

Maintenance for Your Car USB Massage Pillow

Daily maintenance is very simple. If the massager is dirty, you can wipe it with a wet towel. Remember to turn it off when not in use to avoid the loss caused by continuous rotation.

Using Tips for USB Massage Pillow

  • The power plug must be unplugged before and after use.

  • Do not use it in a humid environment or bathroom. After use, please store it in a dry place without direct sunlight.

  • Do not use it during sleep to prevent long-term stimulation of a certain part from affecting health.

  • Do not use massage therapy pillows within half an hour after a meal, otherwise, adverse consequences may occur due to differences in the human physique.

  • If discomfort is caused by excessive stimulation during use, stop using it immediately.

  • When children or people who are not physically free use this product, a suitable counselor must be there for guidance.

  • During pregnancy, spine pain, acute disease, and other physical abnormalities, the massage pillow must be used under the guidance of a doctor.

  • After the massage, please drink 500ml boiled water or hot tea to promote the excretion of metabolites in the body.

  • The massage pillow should not be used every day, and it is best not to stay in one place for too long, otherwise, it may cause side effects.

Using Tips for USB Massage Pillow

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