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Massage Pillow
Massage Pillow

TAHATH Car and Home Massage Pillow Choice

Model 966A 966B 966C 966D
Picture 966A 966B 966C 966D
Button Single button Double button Double button Double button
Speed  Gear 1 Level 3 Level 3 Level 3 Level
Power supply Plug-in Plug-in Plug-in Lithium battery
Infrared magnetic therapy × ×
Massage head Optional: 4 or  6 or  8 Massage  Heads
As a pro massage pillow supplier in China, TAHATH provides high-quality car home furnishing magic massager pillows with different specifications. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

  • Benefit
    Benefit 01

    Relax the body: Hold the feet in the palms of both hands, massage the back of the instep with your thumb, moving up from the area near the toes to the ankle. The massage should be light, fast, and rhythmic. Then pinch each toe to release the excess energy stored in the meridians. This action can relax people immediately.

  • Benefit
    Benefit 02

    Relaxation beauty: Shiatsu massage for relaxing beauty focuses on the face. Wash and warm your hands first. Use your thumb and index finger to press 5 to 6 times along the sides of your face from the middle of your chin. Repeat this action, massaging the middle part of the cheek and the lower part of the eye socket. Repeat the above steps several times, and finally press a little harder on the temple to end. By acting on several meridians, it can relax, smooth the circulation of qi and blood, and make the complexion brighter.

  • Benefit
    Benefit 03

    Adjust emotion: Straighten your right arm, open your palm, palm forward. Use the palm of your left hand to press down on the inside of your right arm, from shoulder to wrist. Repeat 6 times, then massage the outer arm, repeat 6 times, so as to stimulate the acupuncture points of the heart meridian and lung meridian, which can regulate emotions.

  • Benefit
    Benefit 04

    Restore balance: Place one hand flat just above the belly button and place the other hand on the magic massager pillow. When breathing, the hands rise and fall with the rise and fall of the abdomen. Then, lightly press the palm of your hand on your abdomen and rotate it clockwise. Finally, relax. This action is not only beneficial to the digestive system but also helps the entire body restore balance.

  • Benefit
    Benefit 05

    Cheer up: Place your arms behind your back, make your hands in a fist shape, and lift them up to your shoulder blades as much as possible, but with not too much force. Exhale, pat both sides of the spine until the sacrum (bladder meridian), then pat upwards, repeat several times, which can make people feel energetic and full of energy.

  • Benefit
    Benefit 06

    Relieve tension: Place your right hand behind your neck, and massage the base of your skull with the root of your hand to the shoulder. It can relax the neck, reduce the tension in the gallbladder vein, and maintain a good mood.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage originated from acupuncture point therapy that has been circulated for thousands of years in China. It uses fingers to knead acupoints, dredge the meridians, and relieve fatigue and relieve pain. Western medical research has confirmed that stimulating acupuncture points can promote the secretion of endorphins in the body. It is a sedative produced naturally by the human body, which can calm the nerves and relieve tension.

How To Use Shiatsu Massage Pillow?

Eternal shiatsu neck and back massager with heat, which is mainly used for home and car, is extremely suitable for drivers, who suffers from long-term driving, neck, and shoulder fatigue; office workers, who are sitting for a long time every day, causing backaches and back pain; and elderly people, who will suffer physical discomfort from alternating weathers. With reasonable and favorable massage pillow prices, TAHATH provides our clients with products with quality and quantity assurance.

TAHATH is one of the professional massage pillow suppliers in China that has various neck & body for sale. We offer the electric massage pillow for car & home furnishing dual-use, which provides the best vibration massage and neck support. Our relax massage pillow can provide various types of massage for different needs. We have got many positive reviews regarding our instant pain relief massager pillow, if you want to know more about our massage pillow, feel free to contact us at any time!

One key to open, simple operation. TAHATH's instant pain relief massager pillow can be used to massage the shoulders and neck positions, waist, abdomen, legs, feet, enjoy the whole body SPA.

Are you still looking for high-end massagers and beauty & personal care products?
Let TAHATH help you find the right one.
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